Green World Group & 361DM – promoting new age learning modes!

Rising innovation and alternate learning methodologies have empowered access to training more than ever! Access is accomplished, because of innovation. Be that as it may, the center issue in remote learning can’t be fathomed with just innovation alone. Gone are the days of simply digitizing composed material or utilizing innovation to play recorded routine classes or giving modified lessons in CDs Without viability, any framework will undoubtedly come up short and that’s the gap framework which has been jointly designed by GWG and 361DM for the new range of HSE programs.

Education by value addition!

GWG and 361DM are promoting several initiatives by providing a range of online degree courses in affiliation with Annamalai University. The project goes far beyond mere educational videos: it includes discussions, interactive video sessions, quizzes and other learning tools. The technology of online education, with video lectures, exams, immediate feedback and learning adapted to each student’s pace, is developing so rapidly that it is still considered help full time working professionals to enhance their career skills.

All of this means that students, from working professionals to recent college graduates, find many reasons to take all or some of these courses online. Below are the advantages to online learning.

  • Variety of programs and courses: This means that no matter what students wish to study, they can find online the courses or degree programs that best suit the requirement and the individual learning pace.
  • Lower total costs: Online programs can be a more affordable option than traditional colleges. For example, there are no commuting costs, and sometimes there is also not any required course materials such as textbooks because those are often available online.
  • More comfortable learning environment: Commercials that featuring online students studying in the pajamas only skim the surface of one of the primary benefits of online education: there are no physical class sessions. Lectures and other materials are electronically sent to the student, who will then read them and complete assignments. Students will not have to fight traffic, find parking spaces, leave work early to go to class, or miss important family time.
  • Convenience and flexibility: Online courses give students the opportunity to plan their study time around the rest of their day, instead of the other way around. Students can study and work when they are at their peak energy, whether that’s early morning or late at night. Course material is always accessible online, so there’s no need to schedule special trips to a library either. All of this makes online learning a good option for students who need to balance their work and family commitments.
  • Improve your technical skills: Even the most basic online course requires the development of new computer skills, as students learn to navigate different learning management systems (LMS) and programs. The skills students learn to participate in their online courses translate to many professions, including creating and sharing documents, incorporating audio/video materials into your assignments, completing online training sessions, etc.