B COM International Business

B COM International Business

B Com in International Business (B Com – IB) is a three-year online degree program awarded by Annamalai University. The certificate has wide recognition which includes UGC, AICTE and also the HRD Ministry, Government of India.

The B Com in International Business degree programhas following objectives:

  • To get good foundation on auditing, statistics, accounting and laws
  • To get exposure to foreign trade practices and international business.
  • To have awareness on management rules, organization set-ups, logistics issues, etc.
  • To develop proficiency in English language and written skills.


In the first year, there are 4 subjects:

  • Prose and Usage
  • Management Principles
  • Financial Accounting
  • Elements of Insurance

In the second year, there are 4 subjects:

  • English Composition and Business Correspondence
  • Business Organization and Office Management
  • Business Statistics
  • Advanced Financial Accounting

In the third year, there are 6 subjects:

  • International Marketing
  • Commercial Law
  • Foreign Trade Procedure and Documentation
  • International Business
  • Financing of Foreign Trade
  • Logistics Management

Career Prospects

Why choose BCom over some other graduation?

B Com IB can be viewed as a B Com degree with a specialization/major in International Business affairs. If you are interested in doing B Com, please go through our BCom page. After this degree, if you want to top up with an international business, then doing B Com in international business will be the right choice for you. Apart from having interest in doing graduation in commerce, you:

  • Should have good language and communication skills
  • Should be detailed and organized.
  • Should think big-picture
  • Should be comfortable in learning various technologies and tools and
  • Should interact easily with different kinds of people.

Career after doing B Com

Even after doing B Com, students can find scores of opportunities in retail stores, business organizations, auditing and accounting firms and private and government organizations to perform their accounting and business functions or even can venture into entrepreneurship and drive any business venture.

Career after doing B Com IB?

With B Com in International Business degree, you can look for a career in both public and private sector companies such as from manufacturing, foreign trade, financial institutions, banks, to auditing and consultancy firms having international business interests. As an employee, you may perform various accounting functions in the international arena by adopting global systems and tools, in compliance with international regulations and laws, doing foreign exchange transactions, and so on.

Further studies after B Com IB?

Students can diversify the qualification in international accountancy, foreign trade, MBA, taxation, and so on.