MBA International Business Management Course

MBA International Business Management Course

Masters degree in Business Administration (MBA) in International Business Management is ideal for those who wish to manage international business affairs and trades. A two-year online PG program, the degree is awarded by Annamalai University. The certification is recognized by UGC and AICTE and also approved by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India.


  • To create awareness on managing business in the international context, including trade operations and multicultural diversity.
  • To make you aware of practices and policies pertinent to Indian businesses in global trade.
  • To make you understand about the supply chain and logistics management, trade policies, strategic management, import and export finance etc.
  • To teach you the concepts of e-commerce, economics, IT, supply chain, etc.
  • To make you realize how the concepts can apply in the real world through examples.


In the first year, there are 8 subjects:

  • Principles of Management
  • International Accounting
  • International Economics
  • International Business Environment
  • Organisational Behaviour
  • Foreign Policy of India
  • Communication for Global Managers
  • Information Technology & E-Commerce

In the second year, there are 8 subjects:

  • International Human Resource Management
  • International Marketing Management
  • International Financial Management
  • Logistics & Supply Chain Management
  • Global Strategic Management
  • International Trade Policies & Documentation
  • International Marketing Research & Consumer Behaviour
  • Export & Import Finance

Career Prospects

An MBA in International Business would provide you a lot more career options and opportunities. Especially those companies or business organizations which expand their base in foreign shores and also businesses which handle international projects are always look for qualified professionals with international business management skills to manage their offshore or global business needs. The International Business programs helps students prepare for management, general and trade business career conducted on global scale.

MBA certification in International Business Management can help you to take up positions as Business Analyst, Head of international sales or Client Relations Executive in the initial days. With experience, you can vie for managerial and senior management positions. If you are a travel enthusiast, this career is ideal for you as it may warrant frequent global traveling.